In the special issue of "AUTOMOTIVE" , one of the most important magazine in the automotive field runned by the specialized pubblishing company Eris Program, Meccanica Generale Group has presented an important and strategic project:
The REAR DOOR CARRIER OF ALFA ROMEO GIULIETTA is an important project of Metal Replacement that provides additional resistance to corrosion, noise reduction and ability to absorb kinetic energy.
The MECCANICA GENERALE GROUP has been assigned to integrally deal with the realization of the "new" carrier from the
definition of the product CAD file, injection molds, delivery of the molded component ready to be assembled on the productive line of sub-supplier.
The company is specialized in the supply of an engineering, co-design, equipment construction and molding services.
MATERIALS: thermoplastic material to reduce by up to 3 Kg the weight for each vehicle and to a save time, eliminating several                                        secondary machining operations typical of a metal stamping
                         Polypropylene filled with 40% of long glass fibers.
HYBRID APPROACH: with an Innovative Hybrid approach through prototype construction, we have built prototype steel molds that                                                  ensure an almost identical yield with the finished product.
BENEFITS: optimizing time and costs.
"In this project - explains Paolo Malatesta, Commercial manager at MG Group - we have significantly taken care of the components'
structural innovation and through a careful structural analysis and Mold Flow analysis we were able to simulate all the forces that intervened on the component and to forseen the product behavior linked to the molding process"
"The material - says Giulia Marinelli, Key account manager Automotive meets both the need of providing structural performances and the one for lightness".
"The excellent results we can quickly obtain - says Malatesta-  are the proof and the result of a modern idea of production which places product development and engineering in the center of its projects and enriches each one of them with the big expertise and experience acquired in the aerospace, electronic household appliances and medical devices sectors, where Meccanica Generale has been in the business for many years."