On 20/05/2015 Meccanica Generale had the pleasure to host Mr. BONIFACIO GARCIA PORRAS, Head of Unit of Innovation Policy for Growth at DG Enterprise and Industry at the European Commission.

Mr Porras joined a Confidustria Marche project to get to know the very active environment of SMEs in our Region.


“MG is a big and important company, where innovation, diversification and investments are in the DNA of the company and for these will bring huge benefits in the medium and long term” says Mr. Porras. "Investing is a synonyim for future and progress. Having a project and dedicating yourself on it is the key for success".


Excellence and only excellence is the fundamental requirement that the European Union demands to European companies in order to be competitive and to have leadership role in international markets. It is fundamental to develop in the territory a strong network, between national and international companies, with the aim of important collaborations for common projects”.


The meeting ended with a visit to our manufacturing plants and with an overview of the MG international scenarios.

“Meccanica Generale is a company with good bases, big a potential and great possibilities in the future. I wish to all of you, also with the support of the European Commission, to have the possibility to realize a lot of projects".