On the 6th of June 2015, in the Auditurium of the San Paolo MG plant, MECCANICA GENERALE has participated at the 1° training session on the techniques of PROJECT MANAGEMENT.

The meeting was held by professor Arcuri, board member of the Italian Institute of Project Management and professor at the Politecnico of Milan and at the the Faculty of Engineering of L'Aquila.

During the training Professor Arcuri highlighted the main features and concepts of Project Management and the feedbacks from MG staff have been very positive, in terms of motivation and interest.

Next meeting will focus on how to apply principles and techniques of Project Management within the Meccanica Generale production.

Here is a quote from the meeting that we wish to share and that we find particularly significant: 

"without crisis there are no challenges and without challenges life is simply a routine. The real crisis is incompetence, not searching new solutions to upcoming problems.. people work hard!" 


MG, a company made of people always ready to change and improve