On March 3rd 2016 the first meeting of the project SAFE EXPORT, promoted by Confindustria Ancona, took place. Meccanica Generale attended the interesting event, which had as its focus the US market.

The following are few interesting bullet points.




A market worth several

United States GDP in 2014 was $17.400 billion and it is expected to increase at an average annual rate of 2,5% over the next two years. A wide range of opportunities is available, the real question is: how to make the most of them?









The Mecca of Automotive

The Great Lakes region is the heart of the automotive sector. Prometeia estimates an increase in market demand  by 9% with respect of 2014; this value is almost triple than the European market.









Italians do it better

Quality. Design. Innovation. This are the keywords when it comes to Made in Italy. Italian firms are highly valued for this characteristics in the US market. Our competences are our greatest strength, but customer care remains the cornerstone of our business.








US market represents an highly flexible market, with a great deal of business opportunities for leading companies in the automotive sector, as Meccanica Generale is. The main challenge for the future will be increasing  the relative market share in this market.