In the March 2016 PLAST DESIGN magazine, it is possible to find, in the special section called "PROJECTATION" , an article about an innovative pulley for washing machines, patented by MECCANICA GENERALE and its related application in the white goods sector



The Patent

In the past years MECCANICA GENERALE has increasingly focused on research and development of innovative solutions, including the plastic pulley. The pulley made of a nylon-based engineering polymer results 25% lighter than its metal counterpart granting a high mechanical resistance to wear and deformations.  Moreover, it grants excellent mechanical performance, of resistance to heat and chemical agents, allowing the highest recyclability. All of above with a production cost 30% lower than the traditional metal counterpart








The Structure

The definition of the special cross-linked configuration has been supported by several topological-structural simulations that have allowed to identify the main issues of the project, granting a continuous improvement. In addition to this, there is the careful selection of the material made ​​by the development team , which identified in polyamide 6 charged with 65 % glass fiber, the best material in terms of performance.




The Application

An application example of the validity of MG patent involves an important customer in the white goods’ sector that has ordered the manufacturing of two types of pulleys in plastic material for two different types of machines. One with very flat bottom and one with very conical bottom; a real test bench to ascertain the quality of the product and to put in place all the skills that distinguish our company. In the case of the flat pulley, the main problem was that of buckling seen that the pulley’s belt and hub were in axis; while in the case of the conical pulley, the main problem lied in the axial warpage since in this case, pulley belt and hub were greatly out of axis. Thanks to several FEM simulations and in-depth Mold flow Analysis, Meccanica Generale has been able to fully satisfy the client’s request, which at present installs both pulleys on his machines.



It is therefore clear , how such product and process innovation are a critical component of Meccanica Generale’s value chain, providing technologically advanced and competitive solutions that meet all the customer needs. 


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