Reducing the quantity of the electrical energy consumption and at the same time improving the operating performances of the dryer/washer-dryer is possible thanks to the use of state-of-the-art heat pumps produced Meccanica Generale


The research and innovation effort consists in the development of products able to reduce the energy load of the heat pump operation, at the same time enhancing performances with the possibility of installing the devices on already running machine, too.This is the goal of the prototype developed by Meccanica Generale, first step for the development of a suitable heat pump for the installation on an existing washing group, based on the optimization of aspects such as the flow fluid.dynamics in exchangers and in the washing unit the use of a more efficient compressor and the improvement of the control logic of the drying cycle in order to grant the 50% performance improvement.


Target of Meccanica Generale was development of a heat pump for the household appliance industry to be integrated into a conventional washing machine with standard cabinet(60X60), characterized by energy and drying efficiency, cost reduction and utmost integration among component


·         The results confirm that the Heat Pump offers the best performances of energy consumption and condensate efficiency compared to standard drying systems

·         Additional optimizations are possible, further enhancing efficiency

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