In the morning of Thursday, July 13, Meccanica Generale Group had the pleasure of hosting the Regional Councilor for Education, Training and Employment, Loretta Bravi, and the Head of the Education, Professional Training, Work and Support Funds At the Enterprise, Dr. Rocchi.

The aim of the meeting was  to improve the collaboration and the interaction between Public and Private sectors, through the share of views between the Regional Institution and MG Management, represented by  our General Manager, Sales Director, Technical Director and Human Resources

Da Sinistra: Dott Rocchi, P. Carbonetti(HR), Assessore L.Bravi, P.Malatesta(SD), S.Giardinieri(PM), C.Santoro(CEO)

After the General overview  about the “State-of-the-Art” of the Marche Industry, we focused on the strengths and weaknesses of our SMEs to evaluate together the possible improvements of our industrial fabric.

The Executive has described the reality of Meccanica Generale as a Marche model emphasizing the values ‚Äč‚Äčthat characterize the Group as the continual drive to Internationalization, Technology, Know How, Human Resources (strong generational replacement, low average age of employees, important investments In internal training, attention to Employer Branding).


To Left: Dott Rocchi, P. Carbonetti(HR), Ass. L.Bravi,P.Malatesta(SD), S.Giardinieri(PM), C.Santoro(CEO)


The meeting has been closed with the visit at the production plant in Jesi to Know and Learn the business process of MG

The Meccanica Generale Group is grateful to the Councilor Bravi and Dr. Rocchi for the visit and the precious time dedicated to us, hopping  to have a bright future.