Integrated approach of development and manufacturing 


Integrated know-how “under one roof”

Inside the Meccanica Generale Group there are the competence, the experience and technical capabilities and equipments necessary to make any step of the product development process: concept & feasibility, design & development, mouldmaking, product and process validation, serial production.

No conflicts of responsibility

The above know-how allows our customers to work with a single partner and, therefore, to avoid conflicts of responsibility between different suppliers and to manage and solve in the early stages of the project any critical aspect of the product/process; this will result in a full warranty of cost and time, thanks to the reduced risk of unexpected modification.

Cross competences and specialisation by markets

Thanks to 40 years of experience in different markets, the Meccanica Generale Group grows daily its know-how about several solutions, which is very important to succesfully tackle new challenging projects.

This transversal know how combines itself with a deep specific knowledge of dynamics and specific needs of each single customer's market: 

  • Domestic Appliance
  • Automotive
  • Health Care
  • Suitcases
  • Material Handling
  • Technical Articles
  • Indoor and Outdoor furniture

Comparison between "one stop shop" and "multi-suppliers" approach

It is clear that the possibility to work with a single partner who can develop and make inside his organisation any step of the product development by deeply knowing the specific market needs, allows the costumer to obtain great added value, in a direct (certainty of cost and time) and undirect (optimal use of internal resources and "problem-free" route) way.

Following slides represent the comparison between the two methods:



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