TTM reduction for an intake manifold project

TTM reduction for an intake manifold project

Intake manifold is a very elaborate product, because of the combinantion of very strict tolerances with a very complex geometry, both from a shape and thicknesses point of view. In such projects, the risk to be far from the best solution at the first trial is very high, with the need of many correction loops.


  • Reducing the number of trial&error loops needed to set up product and process;

  • Defining the welding profile geometry;

  • Predicting product warpage in advance and to manufacture the moulds accordingly;


  • Product and process optimisation, through a preventive analysis of all the critical aspects;

  • Mould design and manufacture;

  • Testing and validation at Meccanica Generale production plant, including the welding and product test (sealing and burst).

Sinergy between simulation, design and mould manufacture

The big complexity of the geometry, with 3D complicated shape, different thicknesses, need for planarity in the welding profile, linked to the deformation risk due to the glass fibers orientation, has requred a very deep analysis of rehology, with specific attention to warpage and cooling.

The information given by such analysis has been used for the geometry optimisation and to apply many different shrinkage ratio to different areas of the mould, in order to obtain a very good part from the very first tool trial.





The welding jigs set-up has been done directly by Meccanica Generale together with the tool trial.

Product verification

The welded samples have been tested for sealing and burst in the Meccanica Generale production plant, where a dedicated testing bench has been prepared.


In intake manifolds the respect of dimenstions is vital, but also very difficult as in the 2D drawing there might be over 500 dimensions with very strict tolerances.The Meccanica Generale Group in partnership with the costumer has defined the PC-DIMIS part program and has measured the parts by its own metrology Dept.




 The preventive optimisation of product and process allowed to get very good  samples since the FOT and to reach SOP with just one loop of correction. 



 During the yearly Supplier Convention organised by Magneti Marelli at the  Bologna Sheraton Hotel on 13/01/2011, the Meccanica Generale Group has  received the award for the best 2010 co-design supplier.

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