Leadership in the washing unit market

Leadership in the washing units market

The tubs represents the "heart" of the washing machine and it deeply inluences its performance and reliabilty, as weel as the industrial cost.

TTM of each new platform is a key success factor: the experience and the integrated approach of the Meccanica Generale Group allow a very short ledtime from project start to SOP.

In a market sensitive to each single euro of saving, we have created a specific know-how which can support the washing machine producer in the design and manufacture of FULL PRODUCT PLATFORM, following an integrated co-design approach including design of the entire washing unit, mould manufacture and product testing.


Experience and references

After the first project in yesr 1992, the MG Group has been deeper and deeper involved into new project:
  • Platform definition
  • Choice of materials and geometry
  • Washing unit balancing
  • Rehological and structural optimisation
  • Prototypes moulds with final technology
  • serial moulds
  • Product and process validation (CP, CM, CPk, CMk)
  • Accelerated life test of the washing unit

As of today many costumers requires to Meccanica Generale a turn-key development of a full platform for all of their manufacturing plants.

Aprox. 6 washing machines out of then produced in Europe incorporates a washing unit developed by Meccanica Generale; in the last 20 years we have developed more than 90 different projects and made over 250 moulds.

The main producers of washing machines have tested our added value with a first project they are continuing to trust us with a long term partnership.

D.A.T.T. (Domestic Appliance Technical Team)

Due to a deeper and deepre involvment in thsi specific market, we have created a dedicated Technical Team which is working in co-design with the customers, but also developing our own patented solutions.

The experience acquired in 20 years and over 90 projects allows us to offer a wide range of solutions and to find between them the one which best fit the project needs and the technical constrains.


Development Approach

By taking into account the production volumes and the product mix we create alternative scenarios focused on MODULARITY and FLEXIBILITY: for each one it created a BUSINESS CASE which defines the industrial cost of the product (material, process, assembly) and the investment ROI and payback.






Prototyping and Mould Manufacture

If needed we can produce prototypes tubs in final tecnology, fully representing the serial production ones, in 6-8 weeks.
As far as the production moulds are concerned, the available injection machines are not a constrain for us, but they ar rather a business opportunity, as our experience allow us to make any kind of mould: 
Single cavity (front or rear)
Two cavity (front or rear)
1+1 cavity (front + rear)
Two single cavity coupled on twinning plates
Stack moulds

Product validation

The washing unit is tested inside Meccanica Generale laboratory with our own procedure, which can simulate the full mechanical life in