Intervista a Walter Emilio Garlatti


A nice interview with Walter Emilio Garlatti, managing director of Meccanica Generale appeared in the specialized magazine " AE:Apparecchi Elettrodomestici" of Tecniche Nuove, for the 60th anniversary of its foundation.

Walter Emilio Garlatti experienced since his childhood the fascination of the plastics sector in the family business. Today he is the CEO of the company and he is leading it into an international environment, with highly innovative products.

"My dream is transform Meccanica Generale from being an Italian company that has international customers to an international company that has Italian costumers. Knowledge and skills gained through years and years of experience must be used for the development business in new fast growing markets". These are the Garlatti's words who is leading a company that creates and innovates with passion. "Work whih us means accessing to a wide and multi-sectoral know-how.  We operate in the fields of automotive, material handling, domestic appliances, medical devices and aerospace and we live everyday and every project as a new challenge that we can target thanks to the use of cutting edge technologies and latest and most innovative materials. Our goals is to make available to all our clients the best solution, finding the right balance between our innovative and a technological skills and latest latest technologies, in order deliver the best performing product possible. This is our key to success and the way we operate in every project". 

 Walter Garlatti further explains an important project that Meccanica Generale is carrying out:

" We have been working for a long time in metal replacement projects, in order to replace metal with technopolymers. We completed
our first prototype of a wash & dry with compact heat pump that allows the application of this technology by low energy consumption in a
washing machine with standard mobile. "                    

The interview ends with a personal consideration of the managing director of Meccanica Generale, about the key aspect in the future: "Innovation, creativity and passion to increase the satisfaction of our customers and create a solid and healthy company".