Milestones of our 50 years: searching for added value and differentiation 


The origins

  • 1964 - Meccanica Generale was founded as a small mouldmaking company;


Step 1 - from mouldmaker to skilled advanced mouldmaker

Focus on: mould design and manufacture

Important investments in CAD 3D - CAM - CNC

  • 1983 - First investments in 3D/CAM/CNC equipments and softwares for mould design and manufacture.


Step 2 - from advanced mouldmaker to product developer

Focus on product and process

Investment in CAE and Engineering

  • 1986 - Start of CAE Dept. with the purchase of the first MOLDFLOW license;

  • 1992 - Purchase of the first ANSYS license;


Step 3 - From product developer to Innovation Booster

Focus on Innovation and Technology

Investment in R&D, Technology, Innovation and production

  • 2001 - Creation of  D.A.T.T. (Domestic Appliance Technical Team) for R&D focus on domestic appliance;

  • 2006 - Creation of MG&Partners, to promote innovation through a network of skilled technological partners;

  • 2010 - Co-design award received from Magneti Marelli;

  • 2011 - Innovation award received from Indesit Company;