Production Production Production

Growth of production and assembly activity


Years spent to develop, make and validate products every day more and more complex for our customers, requiring very accurate production simulations have allowed us to create a production know-how and organization highly skilled and competitive.


Production strategy

For the above mentioned reason we have decided to invest into production department, always concentrating into a strong specialisation and differentation, focused on:

  •  Complex projects (technopolymers, post process, etc..);
  •  Ability to produce small batches;
  •  Production of our own products;
  •  Integration with product development and mouldmaking.


Wide range of production opportunities

  • Injection machines ranging from 200t to 1800t, with possibility of 2k injection or gas injection.
  • Metrology Dept. with 3D measuring machine and customised part programs.
  • Assembly of parts by means of plasma gluing or vibration welding.