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Breaking the impossible barrier


The fast and dynamic evolution of plastic materials, in terms of mechanical performances, resistance to heat and to chemicals, surface finishing, coupling with other materials, allows to obtain solutions which not long ago where considered impossible;

For example, it is possible to achieve: 

  •  Metal replacement
  •  Weight reduction
  •  Recycling
  •  Integration of parts

Our approach to innovation


Thanks to our model of Open Innovation, the combination on internal know-how with the access to state-of-the-art materials and technologies, we can turn the market needs into real innovative solutions, highly competitive. 

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Some of the innovative solutions were born from ideas of out technicians and these projects have been entirely developed and financed by Meccanica Generale, ending up with their patent protection.

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Concept Analysis to achieve product and process competitiveness


Any new customer need, even those apparently impossible, is processed and reviewed with a dedicated CONCEPT ANALYSIS,  which includes a careful technical and economical feasibility verification, which shall consider:

  •  Opportunities and threats
  •  Alternative manufacturing solutions (materials/technologies/assembly)
  •  Product cost and investments, with related payback and ROI
  •  Development path, with time, gates and needed resources
The feasibility analysis gives to the customer all the parameters necessary to evaluate if there are the conditions to successfully proceed to the next stage of product development.