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A "smart" approach to mouldmaking

A deep sinergy between internal workshops highly specialised and a selected network of external suppliers allows to follow an integrated “MAKE OR BUY” approach, which defines for each project the best supply configuration, based on:  
  • Product type
  • Production volumes
  • Lead-time pressure
  • Supply of first moulds (integrated with product development)
  • Supply of duplicate moulds


Guidelines of workshops "revolution"

Production Efficiency: replacement of old CNC machines with brand new high speed CNC able to make high polish and to work 24 x 7 without continuous presence of the operator.
Focused machining: concentration only into activities which add value to the mould, as, for example, the surface machining.
Specialisation: internal manufacture of complex moulds only.
Network of partners: under direct responsibility of Meccanica Generale, any activity which is not included in above parameters, is purchased by a selected network of specialised partners, able to provide both specific machining or complete moulds. 


Design of a "smart" mould

As already indicated for the product development, also for the injection moulds the design phase defines the tool competitiveness; it is vital to select the best choice about materials, cooling, injection system, undercuts release, according to each specific project.
In this way it also possible to work on the trade-off between part geometry and mould complexity, by choosing solutions which can simplify the moulds and make it less critical and less expensive.
During 50 years of mouldmaking the Meccanica Generale Group has always taken design decisions orientated to process efficiency, by using various mould configuration: single cavity, multi-cavity and specifically stack moulds, where we acquired a deep specialisation.