Product renewal: a nightmare for many Companies


The development of new products is vital for each Company future; nevertheless, it is often approached as a real nightmare as it is a "impossible challenge" towards various complex aspects going in opposite directions: 
  • Innovation
  • Cost reduction
  • Improve performances
  • Reduce Time To Market
  • Optimise investment

Co-design MGGroup: a dream coming true


The co-design approach of the Meccanica Generale Group starts from the end user needs and developes the product from the concept to the serial production. Single coordination and responsibility centre, with sofisticated technologies and simulation softwares is able to select and solve any critical aspects of the project in the early stages and to support the costumer up to the start of production, granting certainty of cost and leadtime.


Case History: turn-key development of an innovative suitcase coupling robustness and lightness