Strong and light innovative suitcase

Turn-key development of a innovative suitcase which combines robustness and lightness


Taking into account the weight restriction applied by most of the Airline Companies, our customer required us to develop a new concept of suitcase, able to combine at the same time robustness, lightness and aesthetical beauty.


To find innovative solutions to create a suitcase, able to combine the robustness of the injected PP with the lightness and aestethical aspect of the thermoformed PC.




  • Creation and comparison of alternative concepts
  • Feasibility Analysis and choice of the best solution
  • Prototyping to confirm feasibility
  • Design of each single component
  • Design and manufacture of moulds
  • Process industrialisation, including automatic assembly process



Searching for lightness

The best solution to combine robustness and lightness was exacly to separate the two functions into different components, to be produced with different technologies, and then to combine them.

Main shells are produced in PC/ABS with thermoforming process, resulting light and beutiful; they are combined with a main frame and acecssories produced with injected PP, therefore strong and with high shape flexibility.

To close the loop there was the need to find a reliable way to assemble the two main components: PP frame and PC shells.

The final solutio was to glue the parts, even if the two materials (PC and PP) are not considered as ideal for this kind of assembly.


Innovation through partnership

Thanks to the MG&Partners approach we have created and coordinated a team involving producers of adhesives, producers of plasma equipments and producers of automatic gluing machinery.

This partnership allowed to set up a product and a process able to assemble in a guaranteed and reliable way a PP frame to a PC shell, thanks to the preparation of gluing surfaces with atmospheric plasma.


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