Our "open innovation" model

The Meccanica Generale Group has defined its own "Open Innovation" model, called MG&Partners, which operates as an Innovation Booster, thanks to the cooperatin of a network of selected partners.

Increase innovation power

It is known that the majority of innovations is not coming from pure invention, but from transfer of solution between different sectors; furthermore, the vertical know-how of each Company as well as the resources required by daily activity are often an obstacle towards innovation. 
In such a situation, key factors for innovation become the cross competences, the tecnological transfer and the external support.

The MG&Partners idea

The above mentioned key factors are naturally present inside Meccanica Generale, as we are since many years operating in different markets and cooperating with many technological partners.
On this basis, in 2006, the MG&Partners model has started; it operates as a real INNOVATION BOOSTER, thanks to access to state-of-the-art materials and technologies, obtained through an open network of highly skilled and selected partners.


How does MG&Partners works

MG&Partners integrates the talent of internal technicians with those of clients and technical partners, with a daily contact supporting the management of complex projects.

With a very sinergic combination, each actor of this triangle can concentrate on his most important needs and give the maximum contribution to the project: the final result will naturally be a product which goes beyond the limit of each single partners.


Our partners

The partners which Meccanica Generale involves into the project according to the specific needs, are top level specialists operanting in different areas: materials, technologies, processes, assembly, automation, software.