25% weight reduction of a plastic pulley

25% weight reduction of a plastic pulley

The plastic pulley for horizontal axis washing machines is manufactured with PA6 + 65%GF; as this is an high performance technopolymer, the cost of the plastic materials represents approx. the 75% of the total cost. It is therefore obvious how important it is to find solutions to reduce the weight, maintaining the same mechanical performances.


Finding new geometries for a plastic pulley, which can achieve the same mechanical performance of the best benchmark product, with much lower weight.


  •  Design of alternative geometry
  •  Rheological and structural simulation
  •  Manufacture of prototypes
  •  Test on samples
  •  Product validation for the serial production.


Searching for a lighter geometry

Starting from the benchmark product, we have challenged our technicians to design a new geometry reaching same performances with lower weight.
Our product design and simulation software have been used at their maximum potential and the final result has been a geometry with 25% weight reduction.

Virtual simulation and prototypes validation

The selected geometry has been optimised with our simulation softwars, both from a process and a structure point of view. With this geometry we have manufactured a proto-tool for the production of real samples, which have been used for the final validation.


Availability for the market

After the validation of the prototypes, Meccanica Generale can offer to our customers, in a very short time, the following services:

  • Customized design (diameter and height);
  • Prototypes;
  • Moulds;
  • Production of serial parts;